Physical activities for toddlers- How to make your toddler physically active?

Small children have immense amount of energy and in their growing year it is important for them to be physically active. According to doctors, children below age 5 should be involve in physical activity as it will lead to proper growth and development of their body. Physically active children’s have ideal body weight and height. Also, make sure that your younger ones should be physically active for at least three hours in a day.
Physical activities like walking, playing, running, jumping etc are great exercise for your children’s and it keep them active and healthy. Besides this, if your baby is too small i.e. younger than 2 years than still there are many physical activities which keep them active all the time.
·        Take a pillow and then make him walk on it with your help plus your baby will enjoy this exercise and love doing this.
·        Use colorful balloons and then encourage him to hit them with their hands. This is really a funny game and also a great way to keep your younger one’s active.
·        Play music and then dance with them, although your baby is too young for this but children love music and love to dance on them.
·        For older children’s, play treasure hunt games with them as it will make them mentally strong and increase their brain power.
·        Besides this, you can also play brain games with them and give them puzzles to solve.
·        Hide and seek is the most popular and lovable game of children.
·        Chasing games sounds a very good idea plus ideal game for building up strength.
·        Swimming is great exercise and it is also ideal for infant babies. Swimming strength up body muscles and contributes in proper physical growth of children.
·        You can also play water games with them like water basket ball. Children love playing in water and in this way they learn some water games.
You can start with the above mention games as they are not just games but exercise which are full of fun and enjoyment. Parents can even teach yoga exercise to their children as there are many yoga poses especially designed for toddlers like sitting in cross leg position, chair pose, boat pose etc. But consult a yoga professional before going for it.

Physically active children’s lead a healthier and disease free life plus these games make them more socialized and interactive.