How to Choose Child Care Centres

It has been found that most of the parents looking for some centers where their child can be cared are the day care centers. From a survey done by the New Zealand Bureau of Statistics we have observed that the long day care (10% of all children) followed by outside school hours care (7%) is the most popular type of child care preferred by the parents for their child.

How you can choose the right daycare centre for your little one? 

Before choosing the centre try visiting different child care centres and observe how they are run? How their staff members interact with children? Also take your child with you on such visit so that you can see how the carer interacts with your loved-one. If possibly spend time there so that your child can become familiar with the atmosphere. Let him/her play and talk with other children.

Advantages for choosing a preschool in your area:

 • You want the centre close to your home or office.
• The fees charged by the centre and any other inclusions in the fees.
 • You should also confirm from the daycare whether they have availability for the date and time you require for your little one.
• How qualified the staff is and their qualifications?
• Keep in mind of your child's interest while enrolling them in child care centres.
• Make sure that the staff members take good care of your child.
• You should be confirmed of the various activities held at the centre are of your child's interest.
• There should be a wide range of toys and equipment in the childcare centre.
• Ask the centres if they provide meals according to child's dietary.
 • One should find out if the child care centres have medical and television facilities.

As a parent you may also have such queries in your mind:
• Asking the staff about your child's needs and activities offered.
• Can I visit the centre at any time?
• Ask the centre about your involvement in the centre's decision-making and activities.
• Whether the centre takes parent's views into your account?

We have a checklist of tasks from where you can access and compare different child care centres. In this survey it has been found that most of the parents find the child care centre as very convenient and trustworthy place for leaving their child where they can learn and play. They have a sound environment and a qualified staff that even a child as young as 6 weeks can also be left there.