Daycare Menu ideas – How to plan a healthy plus tasty daycare menu?

Serving healthy and tasty food in your daycare might be a challenging task for your daycare staff. We all knew that children’s are very choosy when it comes to food and all they like is junk food. But healthy diet is required for then and as they are growing they required all essential nutrients for their body. So, the next question arises as how to plan a menu which is healthy plus liked by children? Well, here is the short guide regarding such plans which might help you in it:
1.      Include nut free recipes in your menu
Small children’s are very sensitive and so with the case with their stomach and body. Many children’s are allergic to many foods but the most popular allergic food is nuts. So, make sure that you will not include any nut recipes in it and it is better to go for alternatives. There are other foods which contain essential nutrients of nuts and thus fulfill the daily nutritional requirement.  Besides this, you can prepare a list of children which are allergic to some foods and ask their parents to pack the alternative of nuts.
2.      Ensure safety while deciding menu
In it, you should go for clean and hazardous environment for cooking meals. Make sure that your kitchen should have pest control and free from any kind of infestation. Next thing about it is that, should not include foods which are hard to digest for children’s plus which are hard for them to eat like marshmallows, hardy candies etc. Also, while serving foods cut them in very small pieces which they can eat easily. Also when they eat food make sure that they eat it slowly and not in hurry.
3.      Serve them different and colorful food
Foods served by you should be colorful and should be of different textures and colors. Children like colorful foods as they found them attractive and east them easily. Also, do not go for artificial colors to make it colorful. One thing should one kept in mind that do not serve them same food in every two to three days as they get bored and will not eat them.  Through colorful food, you can make them to eat nutritional foods in the form of vegetables and fruits.

So, above three tips are very effective if you want your daycare children to eat your planned meals. Menu should be planned in smart way which has a good balance of nutrition and taste.

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